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Steve Angerhofer


Steve Angerhofer began his career in 1990 as a Network Administrator for Hemar Insurance in Sioux Falls, SD. At Hemar Mr. Angerhofer was responsible for all Desktops, Servers, LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network) systems. This included sites in Sioux Falls, SD and St. Paul, MN. Mr. Angerhofer started his telecom career building some of the first WAN connections between the Hemar offices and their client Wells Fargo Bank (formally Norwest Bank).

DataNet was later purchased by a local communications company call Dakota Telecom Group (DTG). DTG was an Independent Local Exchange Carrier offering voice, data and video service to residential and business subscribers in South Dakota. At DTG, Mr. Angerhofer was promoted to VP of Engineering and responsible for implementation, upgrades and changes to DTG’s ISP network, moving the ISP from a minor piece of the DTG’s network to a reliable, scalable and redundant network which DTG could use to build the future of the company. DTG’s ISP services included Cable Modem, DSL, Dial-up Internet, web hosting and email services to more than 30,000 subscribers in South Dakota. Mr. Angerhofer was also responsible for all IT services within the DTG companies.

DTG was later purchased by McLeodUSA. McLeodUSA was a nationwide communications carrier offering voice, data and video services to residential and business subscribers. At McLeodUSA, Mr. Angerhofer reported to the corporate offices in Cedar Rapids, IA as the Director of Data Development, while maintaining his existing responsibilities at the DTG subsidiary. As the Director of Data Development for McLeodUSA, Mr. Angerhofer worked on the product development team responsible for all IP related services. While at DTG Mr. Angerhofer also supervised the CLEC deployment for 26 communities across SD, MN & IA.

Mr. Angerhofer left McLeod USA in 2000 to join Martin Group as its first IP engineer. In 2001 Mr. Angerhofer was promoted to Engineering Manager and then VP of Engineering. Mr. Angerhofer was the primary manager for projects dealing with Competitive Local Exchange Company (CLEC), Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH), and IPTV studies, designs and deployments at Martin Group. His team was also instrumental in the deployment of the first 40G Internet2 network in South Dakota.

Martin Group merged with CHR Solutions in 2010, where Mr. Angerhofer was the Sr. Vice President Systems Engineering & Integration. At CHR Solutions Mr. Angerhofer managed a revenue budget of $8.5 million and 70+ personnel. While at CHR Mr. Angerhofer managed three practices Engineering, System Integration and In-Home-Wiring. Mr. Angerhofer’s team of experts, at CHR Solutions, designed and managed the construction of middle-mile fiber networks across the US.

In 2012, Mr. Angerhofer left CHR Solutions to be part of a new adventure at FARR Technologies. Joining a team of incredibly experienced people to help build a new company focused on Clients and assisting them in building Tomorrows Networks Today.

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