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Next Generation IP Networks

Whether it is a Metro-E, statewide or worldwide transport network, FARR Technologies has the experiences to not only install your network but also provision and train your staff.


FARR Technologies will assist with on-going troubleshooting and maintenance of your network. FARR Technologies commits the same resources to all its clients whether your network is large or small.


We have the resources to augment your staff and support them so they can continue to support your customers.


When it comes to IPv6 it is not IF but WHEN. With the explosive growth of mobile, gaming and other devices that need IP address to communicate, it is becoming more difficult to obtain IPv4 address.


This should not be an issue, with the continued upgrades taking place in the network, as more devices become IPv6 aware, FARR Technologies will show you how these changes affect your business and prepare your IP network for the future.


FARR Technologies assists you with all your needs.

Next Gen IP Networks

GIS & Mapping

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has been provided to clients of FARR Technologies’ OSP management and mapping for decades.


Utilizing sophisticated tools and software, FARR is able to:

  • Accelerate high-level design for Opinion of Probable Costs that help clients quickly evaluate the economic viability of their project

  • Reduce overall project costs

  • Expedite phases of projects that allow construction to start sooner and customers to be turned up faster

  • Improve the quality of project deliverables by allowing office and field resources to focus on their expertise rather than drawing lines or inputting data available from existing GIS resources

  • Provide project teams real-time updates on the status of projects using reports or maps

    • Allows design team and Owner the ability to make key decisions faster

    • Allows for better communication and collaboration between the Client, FARR  Technologies, and vendors to improve project quality and timeliness to market

  • Rapid modification of project design as key decisions are made and additional data is collected

  • Provide very accurate and data-rich products in any industry-standard format upon completion of the project:


GIS information is becoming increasingly valuable:

  • As permitting and environmental agencies are requesting as-built data

  • For data required for annual Federal and State reports

  • As Mapping-to-Billing Systems become industry standards

  • For improving resource management

  • To improve facility management

    • Identify Capacity issues

    • Identify damaged facilities and prepare restoration plans quickly

  • Improve overall Business management


FARR continues to evaluate the various GIS products and GPS equipment on the market to provide our clients with the best final deliverables for today and the years to come. We also have extensive experience meeting the needs of clients who require that our data sets be incorporated into the system they’ve standardized operations around.

GIS & Mapping


FARR Technologies offers assistance in the deployment of Fiber-to-the-Home. The FARR approach includes a complete end-to-end management of the Fiber-to-the-Home project.

FARR Technologies has experience in:

  • Staking

  • Construction

  • Mapping

  • Equipment Selection

  • Implementation

FARR Technologies specializes in:

  • Active and passive optical electronics

  • Spliced and connectorized outside plant design

  • Implementation of customer premise electronics and wiring systems

  • Implementation of central office equipment and hardware


Grant Writing and Loan Applications

Successful grants start with a detailed analysis of the probability of being awarded a grant. FARR Technologies will help applicants decide early on if they are a viable candidate for a grant or loan award.

FARR Technologies offers assistance for our clients in procuring grants and loans.

FARR Technologies has experienced and very successful grant writers in its employ. Grants in the Telecommunications field as well as educational grants have been successfully awarded to our clients.

Traditional RUS loans, Broadband Grants and Loans, as well as ARRA projects have been awarded to our valued clients as a result of the joint efforts of our clients and FARR Technologies’ employees.

Grant Writing

Outside Plant

FARR Technologies provides complete OSP services including:

  • Route Selection

  • Detailed Field Engineering

  • Mapping

  • Contract Preparation

  • Project Management

  • Construction Management

  • Right of Way

  • Permitting

  • Acceptance Testing

  • Closeouts

FARR Technologies provides the latest techniques for construction projects utilizing:

  • GPS data

  • GIS Mapping

  • LiDAR modeling

  •  Field Notes

This approach allows substantial savings for clients when preparing information for contracts because staking can be completed faster with a substantial decrease in fieldwork. Map Conversion services are also available due to our extensive experience with AutoCAD technologies. FARR Technologies provides on-site management during construction and provides OSP inventory services to its clients.

Outside Plant

Wireless Networks

As the mobile industry continues to explode, growing at multiples faster than any other technology, FARR Technologies is ready to assist you with your deployments. FARR Technologies is the industry leader in the deployment of 4G Wireless Networks. Whether you need to install a local E-Node B or you want to build your own Super Node, FARR Technologies has done it. With FARR Technologies you are not living on the bleeding edge but deploying networks with proven expertise.

Wireless Networks

Feasibility Study

A feasibility study is a complex estimate including the cost of construction, financing costs,

working capital needs, service offerings, service pricing, and an estimate of local market share

for the services your FTTP project offers. Each of these estimates relies on assumptions

and data from similar communities offering similar services. Farr Technologies has extensive experience with completing feasibility studies for communities across the country.

Feasibility Study
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