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Service Providers

Service Providers

FARR Technologies understands that sometimes you just need help to get thru a large project. We have the resources to augment your staff and support them during a new build so they can continue to support your customers.

Whether it is a Metro-E, statewide or worldwide transport network, FARR Technologies has the experiences to not only design your network but also install, provision and train your staff.

When it comes to IPv6 it is not IF but WHEN. With the explosive growth of mobile, gaming and other devices that need IP address to communicate, it is becoming more difficult to obtain IPv4 address. This should not be an issue, with the continued upgrades taking place in the network, as more devices become IPv6 aware, FARR Technologies will show you how these changes affect your business and prepare your IP network for the future.


For whatever reason, many Municipalities are finding themselves left behind in the deployment of fiber to the home and business. These high speed broadband networks can transform Municipalities and stimulate growth.

FARR Technologies has a vast amount of experience helping Municipalities create sustainable business plans as well as design and deploy the networks to support super high-speed broadband.

Community Assessment

  • Needs Assessment

  • Community Survey

  • Stakeholder Outreach

  • Market Research

  • Provider Assessment & Outreach

  • Evaluate Financing and Funding

  • Assess Potential Regional Coordination


Cost Separation & Regulatory Services

  • Tariff Assistance

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Cost Conversion Studies

  • Cost Separations Studies

  • Continuing Property records

  • FCC & State Commission Filings

Business & Financial Services

  • Decision Analysis

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Business Planning

  • CLEC Implementation

  • Management Planning

  • Merger & Acquisition Studies

NECA Pooling Assistance

  • Data Collections

  • Tariff #4 Support

  • Audit and Review Support

  • Monthly Settlement Pooling


Neighborhoods & Gated Communities

Apartment Buildings and Condominiums offer a unique business opportunity for their owners. You can now take advantage of current technologies to increase revenue while offering your customers/members services they could not get before. Making super high-speed broadband part of your offering can differentiate you from an already crowded market.

FARR Technologies has experience in:

  • Design

  • Staking

  • Construction

  • Mapping

  • Equipment Selection

  • Implementation

FARR Technologies specializes in:

  • Active and passive optical electronics

  • Spliced and connectorized outside plant design

  • Implementation of customer premise electronics and wiring systems

  • Implementation of central office equipment and hardware

Neighborhoods & Gated Communities
Apartments & Condominiums

Apartment & Condominiums

Neighborhoods & Gated Communities demand super high-speed broadband to open gates, run cameras, operate intercom systems, as well as support IP TV and internet access. FARR Technologies understand your needs and is here to assist.

FARR Technologies provides complete OSP services including:

  • Design

  • Route Selection

  • Detailed Field Engineering

  • Mapping

  • Contract Preparation

  • Project Management

  • Construction Management

  • Right of Way

  • Permitting

  • Acceptance Testing

  • Closeouts

FARR Technologies provides the latest techniques for construction projects utilizing:

  • GPS data

  • GIS Mapping

  • LiDAR modeling

  •  Field Notes

This approach allows substantial savings for clients when preparing information for contracts because staking can be completed faster with a substantial decrease in field work. Map Conversion services are also available due to our extensive experience with AutoCAD technologies. FARR Technologies provides on-site management during construction and provides OSP inventory services to its clients.

FTTP Partnerships in Broadband

FTTP Partnerships

For any broadband project concerning a municipality, the subject of partnering with existing incumbent, local Independent Local Exchange Carriers, or entities that will assist with the cost of building networks or operating a new network is an important option to consider.  Local officials get very excited that this could be a possibility. There are examples where one of the entities listed above have been interested in the project and being a partner. However, the vast majority of the time, there simply isn’t any interest from other entities to assist the local municipality.


This is why it is always our recommendation to assume during the planning stages that our clients assume they will be on their own.  As a business practice and for the purposes of the financial planning that needs to be done to obtain loan funds from either bonding activities or from banks, a municipal entity needs to make sure all operating costs are included as well as construction costs.  This also allows for a basis for comparing whether a potential partner brings construction resources and/or operations assistance that makes financial sense to accept a partnership proposal.  The Utility needs to be able to compare the estimated costs to provide all capital and working capital resources to fund construction and operating expenses (including labor expenses) with possible financial savings of having a partner.  The professional experience of the partner can be weighted into the consideration process by the new utility as well to help make an informed decision whether or not a proposed partner will be a good fit for the new entity.

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