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Study Shows Home Values Up 3.1% with Access to Fiber​

Contact: Ellen Satterwhite,

June 29, 2015

Got Fiber? Get More For Your Home

FTTH Council releases study showing access to fiber-delivered Internet boosts home values by up to 3.1 percent

Anaheim, CA – During today’s FTTH Connect 2015 conference, the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Council Americas released a white paper finding that access to fiber may increase a home’s value by up to 3.1 percent. Using the National Broadband Map and a nationwide sample of real estate prices from 2011 to 2013, the study’s authors investigated the relationship between fiber-delivered Internet services and housing prices. The boost to the value of a typical home -- $5,437 -- is roughly equivalent to adding a fireplace, half of a bathroom or a quarter of a swimming pool to the home.

The study adds to a growing list of others showcasing the consumer benefits from widespread access to fiber broadband Internet. There have been a number of studies linking broadband networks and new investments in such networks to improved economic performance. And the speed and reliability fiber provides offer further benefits. Most recently, in 2014, the FTTH Council released a study finding higher per capita GDP in communities where gigabit Internet was available. Infrastructure investment, job creation, entrepreneurship, and companies relocating or expanding to your city are all manifestations of this growth. Today’s study found that, for homes where 1 gigabit-per-second broadband was available, transaction prices were over 7 percent higher than homes located where the highest speed available is 25 Mbps or lower.

“The evidence is mounting: investment in fiber improves the economic performance of a community as well as its quality of life,” said FTTH Council President and CEO Heather Burnett Gold. “Around the United States, leaders at the local level have started to think about how their community’s Internet infrastructure is a catalyst for economic, educational, and governmental innovation.”

“The benefits of all-fiber, ultra-high bandwidth networks are clear to people in communities where it is deployed,” said FTTH Council Board Chairman Kevin Morgan, “Today’s findings further validate our mission as an organization: to promote investment in and adoption of FTTH services throughout the country creating value for service providers and their customers. We’re looking forward to working with more providers, communities and leaders to make that happen.”

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