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FiberComm in SIOUX CITY, IA

Building on recent successes, FiberComm in Sioux City, Iowa, is poised for a promising future. FiberComm serves the Siouxland area with state-of-the-art connectivity based on fiber optic technology. With the combination of fiber optics, small cells, and fixed wireless solutions, FiberComm offers its customers a wide variety of options to connect their homes and businesses to the world.

FiberComm has built a strong relationship with the Siouxland community through their commitment to their customers and FiberComm’s support of charitable causes. Not only do they continually reinvest in infrastructure to improve their customer’s online lives, but they also give generously and volunteer with causes in and around their community. “We believe helping our communities is critical to our collective success,” says FiberComm CEO Al Aymar.

This commitment to their customers came into sharp focus as they took on a massive project two years ago. Aging infrastructure and facilities that were utilized by multiple providers were creating issues for providers, and FiberComm realized their customers were being negatively affected. Aymar explained that from the start, they knew they were taking on a very challenging project. “Successfully completing the data center and carrier hotel would benefit the entire community,” explains Aymar, “and that’s why we took it on.”

Working closely with the community, FiberComm began refitting a nearly 100-year-old downtown Sioux City building to transform it into a state-of-the-art data center.  The project was a tremendous success and opened recently with a visit from Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds. Reynolds is committed to improving broadband infrastructure across the state and has made it a centerpiece of her administration.

The entire team at FiberComm realized they needed to bring in on a few trusted partners to help prepare for the future and to be sure they were building highly reliable networks. As they began looking for potential partners, one name kept coming up; FARR Technologies.

“FARR’s clients highly recommended them, and they quickly earned my trust and the trust of our entire team as we worked through several successful projects together,” says Jeff Zyzda, FiberComm’s Director of Engineering and Operations.

The relationship between FARR Technologies and FiberComm started with a review and analysis of the existing infrastructure and a plan for future growth. From those first projects, FARR has continued to support FiberComm as the company looks to the future. With a twenty-year track record in providing outstanding service to their customers, FiberComm is confident in their ability to build and operate complex networks. Bringing in a partner, such as FARR, allows the FiberComm team to gain outside perspective and build on the collective experience of the combined teams. Zyzda shared that FARR has become such a trusted partner that the FiberComm team will often say, “Let’s get a second opinion from FARR just to be sure we have thought through everything.” Zyzda summed up their relationship with FARR by saying, “We started a partnership with FARR and they quickly became part of our team, they have earned our trust through quality work, completing projects within budget, and by their ability to help us see into the future.”

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