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Brian Nordtvedt

President, Outside Plant

Mr. Nordtvedt has a comprehensive background in telecommunication with a key focus on the design, contractual and construction management phases associated with the telecommunication outside plant (OSP) market. He graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of North Dakota in 1992. During this time and for subsequent time prior and after, he was also an active member of the Army National Guard Bridge Engineering Unit where he received awards related to managing personal and projects to the highest military level. He retired honorably as a sergeant after 12 years of service. After college graduation he started work with Finley Engineering Company (FEC) in late fall of 1992 where he became a lead OSP project manager. He worked at FEC until September 2002, at which time he joined Martin Group as a regional OSP manager. In 2009, Martin Group merged with CHR Solutions, Inc. and he was named the north operation OSP Senior Director. In 2010, he was promoted to the Vice President, OSP for the north operations.

During his tenure at FEC, he was involved in numerous project activities that covered the entire scope of a consulting engineer firm deliverables. These activities were special equipment (Fiber in the loop equipment), generators, buildings (new/additions), towers, specialty projects (bridge attachments, CO ground fields, GIS, etc.), ROW (Public & Private), Environmental (SHPO, USFWS, EPA, etc.), REA/RUS contract and loan requirements and processes, OSP field staking, and project/construction management. The diversity of experienced gained through his 10 years allowed him to be a very integral part of FEC success as well as prepare him for his future role with Martin Group.

As the regional Manager and subsequent promotion in 2004 to Director of OSP operations he was instrumental in restoring Martin Group’s Telecommunication OSP Consulting unit to a respected and trusted partner following the mass departure of the entire top management and senior field staff of the OSP group. He worked with existing staff to develop improved and new processes, staff re- configuration with greater responsibility and trust to ultimately create a very efficient and responsive team that was not only able to maintain existing client and staffing but grow to add new clients and staff, as Martin Group emerged from adversity and reestablished itself as a leading consulting firm in the Telecommunication industry.

Upon Martin Groups merger with CHR Solutions, Inc., his business unit continued to grow and develop through 2009. Starting in 2010 CHR began to see substantial growth in staffing and sub-contractor utilization due to new fiber projects awarded to clients as part of the Broadband Infrastructure program. The OSP projects under his business units grew from 8 to 50 projects during 2010 to 2012 and ranged in size from $500,000 to $15 million. The CHR staffing resources grew from 15 to over 50 and subcontractor utilization went from 0 to 5 companies, adding over 60 additional OSP resources.

During this growth period of 2010 thru 2012, he was able to keep the business unit standards for customer service, quality, budget management and timely deliverables within acceptable industry tolerances, while enabling the business unit to grow revenue by 2 times that of 2009 and maintaining business unit margin expectation.

At FARR Technologies his responsibilities include design review, project management, client and vendor staff coordination. His current duties as VP of Outside Plant brings together his experience to design and develop fiber optic based networks, manage staff and resources to implement new fiber optic and copper based networks, and project manage FARR Technologies, client and vendor staff to insure a successful project. His desire to provide the client a superior quality product at an affordable cost makes him a key assist in FARR’ as well as the clients success today and in the future.

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