About FARR Technologies

FARR Technologies is a group of telecommunications industry leaders whose key management/owners have over 100 years' experience. FARR Technologies focuses on building long term relationships by assisting its clients build Tomorrow’s Networks Today. The employees come from diverse technical backgrounds and have experience with other consulting companies. This knowledge, plus a desire to assist our clients with their innovative thinking, is the framework for success. Progressive thinking, rather than chasing the next new technology, is what has made our clients successful. Making and keeping our clients successful via innovative designs and profitable offerings is our full time goal. Helping our clients meet short and long term infrastructure, regulatory, and financial goals is FARR Technologies’ core mission.

About Design-Build Project Methodology

The traditional design-bid-build model for construction projects consists of the appointment of a designer on one side, and the appointment of a contractor on the other side. The design–build procurement route changes the traditional sequence of work. It answers the client's wishes for a single-point of responsibility while striving to reduce risks and overall costs.

FARR Technologies is the industry leader in Design-build, having teamed with several contractors to deliver seamless design-build projects for our customers, lowering both risk and cost of deployment.

FARR Technologies - Tomorrow's Networks Today!


FARR Technologies employees are industry leaders in legacy and softswitching technologies, data switching, fiber optic terminal designs, DWDM implementations, long haul networks, equipment testing and installation services, Advanced IP networks, and performance monitoring applications. Our project management capabilities include designing or reviewing proposed project plans, schedule preparation, selection of potential vendors, plans and specifications, contract coordination, cutover planning assistance, regular progress reports, on-site assistance, and contract closeout.

Team Biographies

Peter Rasmusson - CEO/Partner

Mr. Rasmusson has a broad background in both functional and executive leadership roles in companies in several industries including engineering R & D, computer equipment manufacturing, telecommunications operations, telecommunications consulting and real property development. He graduated from Iowa State University with high honors in Civil Engineering. Following graduation he practiced structural engineering at GA Technologies in San Diego, CA where he lead a team of structural engineers in the design and scale model testing of a shipping container for nuclear waste. Subsequently, he took a sales position with Digital Equipment Corporation in Landover, MD.

During his tenure at Martin Group and CHR Solutions, Rasmusson stabilized Martin Group’s Telecommunications Consulting and Engineering (TCE) operations following the mass departure of the entire top management and sales team. He built and managed a leadership team to maintain and develop a new client and employee base, rebuilt trust with staff, management and clients to ultimately enable the merger of Martin Group and CHR Solutions in 2009. He created 50% revenue growth from 2005 through 2009 at Martin Group. Prior to his departure in 2011, the Engineering Field Services (EFS) operations were on track for a year over year 40% / $15M revenue growth due to the success of the company in attracting new fiber construction management projects (Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) and regional fiber networks) awarded to clients as part of the Broadband Infrastructure program. In 2009 and 2010 CHR submitted 31 fiber construction grant applications for clients totaling $600 million of which 20 were awarded totaling $350 million in projects. The resulting revenue from engineering consulting activities on these projects totaled nearly $60 million during 2011-2013. Under his leadership during his ten year career at Martin Group / CHR, clients constructed over 50 FTTH projects ranging in size from $3 million to $100 million and three new statewide networks in Washington, New York and South Dakota. Additionally, his team developed, marketed and sold a new switch monitoring service in 2006 resulting in a new annual $300,000 revenue stream with greater than 100% profit margin. He also provided leadership to ILECs on regulatory and accounting activities.

During the strong growth period in 2010 and 2011, the EFS organization doubled in size and made numerous operational enhancements to enable the growth to be sustainable and profitable while meeting the clients’ expectations for on-time and on-budget project execution.

Rasmusson developed and delivered numerous technical presentations at state and national trade meetings from 2002 through 2011. During his tenure with Ollig Utilities he acted as spokesperson for the South Dakota Independent Telephone Coalition (SDITC) in front of the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission regarding current and future network deployment plans and expectations to deliver an advanced rural communications network.

In 2012, Rasmusson became part of a new adventure at FARR Technologies. Joining a team of incredibly experienced people to help build a new company focused on Clients and assisting them in building Tomorrows Networks Today.

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Steve Angerhofer - Partner

Steve Angerhofer began his career in 1990 as a Network Administrator for Hemar Insurance in Sioux Falls, SD. At Hemar Mr. Angerhofer was responsible for all Desktops, Servers, LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network) systems. This included sites in Sioux Falls, SD and St. Paul, MN. Mr. Angerhofer started his telecom career building some of the first WAN connections between the Hemar offices and their client Wells Fargo Bank (formally Norwest Bank).

DataNet was later purchased by a local communications company call Dakota Telecom Group (DTG). DTG was an Independent Local Exchange Carrier offering voice, data and video service to residential and business subscribers in South Dakota. At DTG, Mr. Angerhofer was promoted to VP of Engineering and responsible for implementation, upgrades and changes to DTG’s ISP network, moving the ISP from a minor piece of the DTG’s network to a reliable, scalable and redundant network which DTG could use to build the future of the company. DTG’s ISP services included Cable Modem, DSL, Dial-up Internet, web hosting and email services to more than 30,000 subscribers in South Dakota. Mr. Angerhofer was also responsible for all IT services within the DTG companies.

DTG was later purchased by McLeodUSA. McLeodUSA was a nationwide communications carrier offering voice, data and video services to residential and business subscribers. At McLeodUSA, Mr. Angerhofer reported to the corporate offices in Cedar Rapids, IA as the Director of Data Development, while maintaining his existing responsibilities at the DTG subsidiary. As the Director of Data Development for McLeodUSA, Mr. Angerhofer worked on the product development team responsible for all IP related services. While at DTG Mr. Angerhofer also supervised the CLEC deployment for 26 communities across SD, MN & IA.

Mr. Angerhofer left McLeod USA in 2000 to join Martin Group as its first IP engineer. In 2001 Mr. Angerhofer was promoted to Engineering Manager and then VP of Engineering. Mr. Angerhofer was the primary manager for projects dealing with Competitive Local Exchange Company (CLEC), Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH), and IPTV studies, designs and deployments at Martin Group. His team was also instrumental in the deployment of the first 40G Internet2 network in South Dakota.

Martin Group merged with CHR Solutions in 2010, where Mr. Angerhofer was the Sr. Vice President Systems Engineering & Integration. At CHR Solutions Mr. Angerhofer managed a revenue budget of $8.5 million and 70+ personnel. While at CHR Mr. Angerhofer managed three practices Engineering, System Integration and In-Home-Wiring. Mr. Angerhofer’s team of experts, at CHR Solutions, designed and managed the construction of middle-mile fiber networks across the US.

In 2012, Mr. Angerhofer left CHR Solutions to be part of a new adventure at FARR Technologies. Joining a team of incredibly experienced people to help build a new company focused on Clients and assisting them in building Tomorrows Networks Today.

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Dave Fridley - Partner

Mr. Fridley is a native of South Dakota. He graduated from South Dakota State University (SDSU). He began his telecommunications career at DeWilde, Grant, and Reckert (DGR) of Rock Rapids, Iowa. DGR worked with Tier 3 (Cooperatives and privately owned family companies) and Tier 1 (Qwest; now CenturyLink) clients. In 1986, Fridley joined Martin Group, Inc. of Mitchell, South Dakota. In 2009, Martin Group merged with CHR Solutions, Inc.

Mr. Fridley was formerly in charge of the CHR Engineering Field Services group. At the time of Mr. Fridley’s departure from CHR Solutions, this group had 120+ full time employees plus access to an additional 50+ employees via sub-contractors. Under Mr. Fridley’s leadership, the group more than doubled in size in less than 3 years. A large percentage of this growth came about as a result of Mr. Fridley's leadership in promoting clients to apply for loan/grants from the ARRA Stimulus program.

Mr. Fridley has participated in the building of several statewide networks and many large regional networks. He has provided background technical information for testimony for state utility commissions in Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota, New York, and Idaho.

Mr. Fridley has also written electronics plans and specifications for multiple clients. He has written plans and specifications, provided negotiation assistance, and project managed projects for over 500 new stored program control and next generation softswitches (Class 4 and Class 5). He has also prepared specifications for over 300 major upgrades to digital switches, prepared specifications for over 150 lightwave specifications, and has prepared a multitude of miscellaneous equipment specifications.

Mr. Fridley is a frequent presenter at industry events concerning present and future technologies as well as future infrastructure requirements. He has been a regular speaker or moderator at telecommunications industry events for the past 26+ years.

In 2012, Mr. Fridley left CHR Solutions to be part of a new adventure at FARR Technologies. Joining a team of incredibly experienced people to help build a new company focused on Clients and assisting them in building Tomorrows Networks Today.

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Bryan Rearick - Partner

Mr. Rearick began his career as a Network Administrator at The Credit Store, a credit card company based in Sioux Falls, SD. At The Credit Store, Mr. Rearick was responsible for all server and network design, build and management of The Credit Store local area network (LAN). This network utilized Bay Networks routers/switches and Microsoft Windows operating systems for servers and desktops.

In 1996, Mr. Rearick accepted a Systems Engineering position at DataNet, a value added reseller (VAR) for small to medium businesses located in southeast South Dakota, Northeast Iowa and Southwest Minnesota. Responsibilities at DataNet included providing design, installation, configuration and maintenance services for clients supporting a variety of vendor equipment platforms including Cisco, Bay/Nortel Networks, Microsoft, Novell, Hewlett- Packard, Compaq and IBM.

In 1997, DataNet was acquired by Dakota Telecom Group (DTG), an Independent Local Exchange Carrier offering voice, data and video service to residential and business subscribers in South Dakota. At DTG, Mr. Rearick was responsible for implementing upgrades and changes to DTG’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) network. The changes and upgrades helped to move the ISP division from a minor piece of the DTG’s network to a reliable, scalable and redundant network which DTG could use to build the future of the company. DTG’s ISP services included Cable Modem, DSL, Dial-up Internet, web hosting and email services to more than 30,000 subscribers in South Dakota.

In 1998, DTG was acquired by McLeodUSA, a nationwide communications carrier offering voice, data and video services to residential and business subscribers. At McLeodUSA, Mr. Rearick moved into a lead Engineering position in the South Dakota Network Operations Center (NOC). As part of this position, Mr. Rearick was responsible for designing and building a state of the art NOC with Colocation facilities for customers. The NOC monitored and maintained the South Dakota, southwest Minnesota and northwest Iowa ISP networks providing Tier 3 support for residential and business customers.

In 2000, Mr. Rearick left McLeodUSA for a Sales Engineering position at InfoLibria, a content distribution equipment startup located in Waltham, MA. This new position, located in Seattle, WA, provided support for the Western Region and Asia-Pacific sales teams. As a Sales Engineer for InfoLibria, Mr. Rearick assisted the Account Managers and Customers in the technical aspects of understanding how the content distribution systems operate and fit into their network.

In 2003, Mr. Rearick joined Martin Group (now CHR Solutions). Since joining Martin Group, Mr. Rearick has performed research, design, implementation and troubleshooting of next generation telecommunications and data networks, including Carrier Ethernet, Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), Dense & Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing (CWDM/DWDM), Synchronous Optical Networks (SONET, Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, VDSL & VDSL2), Passive and Active Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH), IP LAN/WAN networks, Broadband Internet, Protocol Termination and ISP equipment. Mr. Rearick is the primary point person for IP, Data, and ISP Networks.

In 2007, Martin Group launched their Trusted Third Party Services for CALEA. Mr. Rearick was instrumental in the development of this service and continues to manage the Trusted Third Party service offering including the team who maintains the devices and servers related to this service.

In 2008, Martin Group opened an office in Nashville, TN. With the opening of this office, Mr. Rearick moved to Nashville to manage this office and develop additional business in the eastern region.

In 2011, Mr. Rearick was promoted to Vice President of Systems Integration. This position was responsible for managing the Systems Integration and In-Home Wiring groups as well as supporting the Marketing and Sales team in developing new business for Systems Integration.

In 2012, Mr. Rearick left CHR Solutions to be part of a new adventure at FARR Technologies. Joining a team of incredibly experienced people to help build a new company focused on Clients and assisting them in building Tomorrows Networks Today.

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Brian Nordtvedt - Vice President, Outside Plant

Mr. Nordtvedt has a comprehensive background in telecommunication with a key focus on the design, contractual and construction management phases associated with the telecommunication outside plant (OSP) market. He graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of North Dakota in 1992. During this time and for subsequent time prior and after, he was also an active member of the Army National Guard Bridge Engineering Unit where he received awards related to managing personal and projects to the highest military level. He retired honorably as a sergeant after 12 years of service. After college graduation he started work with Finley Engineering Company (FEC) in late fall of 1992 where he became a lead OSP project manager. He worked at FEC until September 2002, at which time he joined Martin Group as a regional OSP manager. In 2009, Martin Group merged with CHR Solutions, Inc. and he was named the north operation OSP Senior Director. In 2010, he was promoted to the Vice President, OSP for the north operations.

During his tenure at FEC, he was involved in numerous project activities that covered the entire scope of a consulting engineer firm deliverables. These activities were special equipment (Fiber in the loop equipment), generators, buildings (new/additions), towers, specialty projects (bridge attachments, CO ground fields, GIS, etc.), ROW (Public & Private), Environmental (SHPO, USFWS, EPA, etc.), REA/RUS contract and loan requirements and processes, OSP field staking, and project/construction management. The diversity of experienced gained through his 10 years allowed him to be a very integral part of FEC success as well as prepare him for his future role with Martin Group.

As the regional Manager and subsequent promotion in 2004 to Director of OSP operations he was instrumental in restoring Martin Group’s Telecommunication OSP Consulting unit to a respected and trusted partner following the mass departure of the entire top management and senior field staff of the OSP group. He worked with existing staff to develop improved and new processes, staff re- configuration with greater responsibility and trust to ultimately create a very efficient and responsive team that was not only able to maintain existing client and staffing but grow to add new clients and staff, as Martin Group emerged from adversity and reestablished itself as a leading consulting firm in the Telecommunication industry.

Upon Martin Groups merger with CHR Solutions, Inc., his business unit continued to grow and develop through 2009. Starting in 2010 CHR began to see substantial growth in staffing and sub-contractor utilization due to new fiber projects awarded to clients as part of the Broadband Infrastructure program. The OSP projects under his business units grew from 8 to 50 projects during 2010 to 2012 and ranged in size from $500,000 to $15 million. The CHR staffing resources grew from 15 to over 50 and subcontractor utilization went from 0 to 5 companies, adding over 60 additional OSP resources.

During this growth period of 2010 thru 2012, he was able to keep the business unit standards for customer service, quality, budget management and timely deliverables within acceptable industry tolerances, while enabling the business unit to grow revenue by 2 times that of 2009 and maintaining business unit margin expectation.

At FARR Technologies his responsibilities include design review, project management, client and vendor staff coordination. His current duties as VP of Outside Plant brings together his experience to design and develop fiber optic based networks, manage staff and resources to implement new fiber optic and copper based networks, and project manage FARR Technologies, client and vendor staff to insure a successful project. His desire to provide the client a superior quality product at an affordable cost makes him a key assist in FARR’ as well as the clients success today and in the future.

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Jerry Weber - Vice President, Network Design

Mr. Weber brings a wide range of experience in telecommunications concentrating on IPTV solutions. Prior to graduating from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in 2000 with a BS in Industrial Engineering, he was a member of the SD Army National Guard in public affairs support and worked for the City of Rapid City within the Planning, Building Inspection and Engineering departments. Following his graduation from SDSM&T, Mr. Weber joined Martin Group as a staff engineer designing many telecommunication systems. Many of his initial projects dealt with Switched Digital Video projects designing Next Level Communications VDSL access systems. These SDV deployments included headends, ATM and transport networks and systems to support the NLC access systems.

Mr. Weber, as part of the Martin Group team, assisted with planning, designing, specifications and project management of many telecommunication systems but concentrated on the new IPTV systems from concept to turn up of subscribers. His accomplishments include assisting with the first service providers IPTV systems with Ringgold Telephone Company, Ringgold, GA and CT Communications, Urbana, OH along with the first MPEG4 headend system with Cavalier Telephone Company, Richmond, VA.

At the start of his career, he also was instrumental in developing and supporting a central office installation group coordinating full time and contract staff to support the several FITL, FTTH and transport projects engineered and project managed by Martin Group. Later, he developed preferred installation assistant agreements with leading vendors to install and turn up many transport, access and next-generation softswitch systems throughout the United States.

As part of the engineering staff and later as a manager with Martin Group, he developed many of the plans and specification requirements used with the engineering group’s performance based contracts and was instrumental in establishing many of the project management standards still used to support client projects. In addition to these key accomplishments, Mr. Weber started an in home wiring section in 2005 to support their clients’ FTTH and IPTV deployments. This section grew from one crew to as many as ten crews supporting client deployments nationwide.

He then joined the CHR Solutions’ systems engineering department during the CHR Solutions and Martin Group merger in 2009. Mr. Weber was quickly promoted from engineering staff to manager of field service and finished his tenure as the director of IPTV and systems integration. These responsibilities included supporting many IPTV system deployments and managing in excess of 30 staff to include central office installer/contractors, IP and network architects/provisioning staff and the in home wiring section.

At FARR Technologies his responsibilities include design review, project management, turn up assistance, client and vendor staff coordination, and troubleshooting assistance. His current duties as VP of Network Design brings together his experience to design and develop systems, deploy equipment, manage staff and resources to turn up systems, and project manage FARR Technologies, client and vendor staff to insure a successful project. His ownership of projects and responsibilities to clients has produced dozens of successful Broadband, FTTH and IPTV systems.

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Chris Geroy - Director, Outside Plant

Mr. Geroy has been working in Outside Plant for over 15 years bringing with him extensive experience in construction management, right-of-way acquisition, easements and mapping from a successful career in land surveying.

Having held licenses as a Professional Land Surveyor in Florida and South Dakota, Mr. Geroy has extensive experience in public lands surveys, tidal boundaries, land development, platting, writing and interpreting legal description, highway construction and airport expansion. Mr. Geroy worked his way up to Vice-President of a civil engineering firm in Boca Raton and is a past president of the Broward County chapter of the Florida Surveying and Mapping Society.

Mr. Geroy started in the telecommunications industry in June 1999 at Martin and Associates. During his tenure with Martin and subsequently CHR Solutions, Mr. Geroy started as an inspector and quickly became a Senior Resident and later Senior Technical Specialist.

During his over 14 years at Martin, he gained vast experience in FITL, FTTH and statewide networks. Mr. Geroy was instrumental in the design and staking of Idaho’s Syringa Network, Wabash Mutual Telephone FITL in Wabash and Celina, Ohio, Pineland Telephone’s FTTH project in Adrian, GA, and management of the NoaNet BTOP project in Washington State. In addition, Mr. Geroy has participated on-site with OSP projects in Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Arizona, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, New York and California.

Mr. Geroy is well versed in all aspects of Outside Plant work including staking, routing, circuiting, bid preparation, job shows, pre-construction meetings, construction management and project close-out.

At FARR Technologies since October 2013, his responsibilities include design review, project management, client, and staff coordination. His current duties as Director of Outside Plant brings together his experience to design and develop outside plant projects, manage FARR Technologies and client staff to ensure successful and timely projects.

Mr. Geroy is a Director for the Imagine Guild charity that raises funds for Cystic Fibosis in his hometown of Mitchell, SD.

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Darrell Bolen - Director, Separations

Mr. Bolen began his telecommunications career in 1982 as an Administrative Assistant with the LEC Settlements department at Martin and Associates, Inc. and has completed 30+ years of telecommunications industry employment. Mr. Bolen earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Dakota Wesleyan University, with major courses of study completed in both Accounting and English. Mr. Bolen has also completed the Certified Public Accountant licensing requirements and acquired his Certified Public Accountant license from the South Dakota Board of Accountancy on November 13, 2002.

As a member of FARR Technologies, LLC and with previous consultants, Mr. Bolen has performed various NECA pooling functions required for NECA member companies, completed various FCC and PUC filings, and performed other financial services for telecommunications companies.

Mr. Bolen has submitted Cost Based settlement studies, along with the NECA required three year settlement projections and Universal Service Fund data filings, annually for NECA member clients. Along with the Cost Based settlement study, he has completed Central Office Equipment Continuing Property Records in support of the clients current year COE inventory costs and FCC cost separation categorization detail. Mr. Bolen has provided FCC Part # 32 accounting procedure interpretations and financial statement assistance to his clients as well.

Mr. Bolen has also assisted telephone companies with the preparation of Cost Based settlement feasibility studies in order to compare the client’s existing average schedule settlements received with the projected Cost Based settlements available, should the client determine it appropriate to convert to a Cost Based settlements method. Most recently, Mr. Bolen has assisted several companies with successful conversions to an Interstate Cost Based method of settlements.

Mr. Bolen has completed various filings to state Public Utilities Commissions (PUCs) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on behalf of several client companies. Annual Universal Service Fund eligibility filings are submitted to state PUC’s and Mr. Bolen has supplied the required information in several states. Mr. Bolen has also completed various client data reporting forms, required by the FCC, such as the Form 499 and Form 502 filings.

Mr. Bolen has performed other financial services to assist telecommunication companies, such as annual budget development, cash management studies and settlement impact studies regarding plant upgrades and network reconfigurations. Mr. Bolen has completed pro forma financial statements for companies considering a CLEC business start-up. Mr. Bolen has also completed pro forma financial statements for Federal Stimulus Funding applications as well as for CATV and telephone property acquisitions. These Federal Stimulus Funding applications, CLEC and property acquisition studies typically include detailed financial statements with a balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, and accompanying notes. Mr. Bolen’s acquisition pro forma studies assisted the client in selecting an acquisition financing source as well as in determining the appropriate CATV or telephone property purchase price. Mr. Bolen also assisted legal counsel in obtaining the appropriate FCC and PUC waivers necessary for the successful transfer of the property acquired.

Mr. Bolen has also completed numerous filings to assist Equal Access companies including FCC 214 applications, initial Centralized Equal Access tariffs, Pro Forma financial statements.

Mr. Bolen has represented telephone clientele at various NECA, NTCA, USTA and other state telephone organization events involving prospective industry changes and the implementation of these FCC or state industry changes. Mr. Bolen has also made various presentations to client board of directors and other industry groups concerning forthcoming Cost Based settlement issues and FCC accounting procedure modifications.

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Dean Uher - Director, Regulatory Affairs

Mr. Uher is an accounting and business professional with 25+ years of experience in various business, accounting, and consulting roles. His work history includes 3 years in public accounting and 10 years in a finance and administrative role in the construction industry. He began his telecommunications career in 2000 as a telecommunications consultant with Martin Group, Inc. Mr. Uher has a Bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in accounting from the University of South Dakota. He has also passed the Certified Public Accountants (CPA) exam and completed Dale Carnegie Public Speaking training.

As a telecommunications consultant, Mr. Uher has advised telecommunications companies on various industry and regulatory matters including local number portability, carrier access billing disputes, as well as, interpretation of FCC rules and NECA pooling procedures required for NECA member companies. He has completed various filings to state Public Utilities Commissions (PUCs) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on behalf of telecommunications companies. Mr. Uher has also performed other consulting and advisory services such as: , business plan preparation, interconnection agreement negotiations, administration and maintenance of industry databases, data analysis, and preparation of Federal Stimulus funding applications. He has assisted numerous companies with both regulatory and technical requirements necessary to establish competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) start-ups.

Mr. Uher represents telecommunications clientele at various state and national telecommunications association events involving prospective industry changes and their implementation. He has presented to company boards of directors and other industry groups concerning various telecommunications issues.

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2015 Shows and Conferences

  • January 4th to 7th - NTCA Wireless
  • February 8th to 10th - NTCA Telecom Executive Forum
  • February 18th to 19th - NECA Industry Issues
  • March 3rd to 5th - Iowa Communications Alliance Annual Conference
  • March 8th to 11th - NTCA Expo '15
  • March 23rd to 25th - MTA Annual Conference
  • April 14th to 16th - IP Possiblities
  • Spring (TBD) - GenBand Conference
  • Spring (TBD) - Metaswitch Conference
  • May 12th to 14th - TOC Conference and Showcase
  • June 2nd to 4th - NYSTA
  • Summer (TBD) - MTA Golf
  • Summer (TBD) - INS Golf
  • Summer (TBD) - ITA Golf
  • Summer (TBD) - SDN Golf
  • Summer (TBD) - Goldfield Golf
  • July (TBD) - NDATC PAC Golf Outing
  • August 2nd to 5th - NTCA North Central Region Mtg (ND, SD, MN, WI)
  • August 9th to 12th - NTCA NE & Central Region Mtg (NE,KS,IA,MO,IL,IN,MI,OH,PA,NY,VT,NH,MA,CN,RI,NJ,DE,MD)
  • August 16th to 18th - SDATC Annual Meeting
  • August 24th to 27th - NTCA Finance & Acct
  • September 2nd to 3rd - OSP EXPO
  • September 17th to 18th - GenBand PEER Seminar
  • September 19th to 23rd - NTCA Fall Conference
  • October 19th to 21st - MATSS
  • Fall (TBD) - Taqua Conference
  • October (TBD) - Broadband Visions
  • October 24th to 27th - Calix User Group - Wynn
  • November 8th to 12th - NECA Expo
  • December (TBD) - NDATC Annual Meeting
  • December 8th to 11th - SDATC Plant WS

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